New Chic Braided Hairstyles you Must Try

Chic Braided Hairstyle

New Braided Hairstyles

The progressive woman, one can never settle for what’s mediocre. Change is only thing that is constant and with that comes the hairstyle. There is much significance placed on the black woman and her hair. It is believed to be one of the elements that completes a woman’s dress. Often times, the woman is not completely satisfied with one hairstyle. That’s why wigs and extensions are a predominant part of her grooming. A hairstyle made specifically for the personality really brings out the best in people. The expert stylist will take in account a person’s natural beauty, facial features and shapes when deciding which style is best to make sure your hair is the talk of the town.

  1. The micro braid is an exceptional style in that it can be worn straight, wavy or curly, short or long. You can wear this specific style up or down. Provided it’s cared for, this is another style that is worth the time and effort at the salon.
  2. Elongated micro braids are exciting as well as functional. This particular style and length allows for extended braiding and less hair that’s left to style.
  3. Complementing the complexion, hair color mating can be a delicious looking concept to the micro braid hairstyles.
  4. Crochet braids are not what they used to be. The hair’s braided to the scalp of this Boss Chic while the extensions are pulled through to display a curly head of locks on top. This hairstyle and choice of coloring definitely has my vote.
  5. This hairstyle frames the face accordingly and it ads that feminine touch to braided hairstyles. A thick braid of hair can be especially attractive when you add the right amount of accessories.
  6.  The combination of braids and twists blend together nicely for an exotic look indeed. I love how the different lengths reflect an ancient elegance.
  7. Cornrows are generally worn as an informal style of braiding, however, stylists have taken a fancy to them and have come up with some unique designs. Whatever you can imagine, can be a reality.
  8. Short hair… long hair… who cares? This version of the French braid is but to die for. It’s sharp and precisely what the stylist orders for the uncomplicated woman on the go.
  9. Braids are Brandy’s youthful trademark. Her tasteful twist braids shown here extends to the waistline which she pulls to the back to show off her beautiful eyes and smile.
  10. Braiding the hair to one side or on both sides is ideal for the person that doesn’t like dangling hair. In addition, the braid to twist effect forms an evenly textured hairstyle.
  11. One of the wonderful things about braids is that you can achieve as much of the style you want, whenever you want.
  12. Colored Box Braids are what’s trending in 2015 and this sister is not going to be left out. With full make-up and head dress, the model can effortlessly transform from day to evening wear.
  13. Rope Twist or the two-strand twist is a hairstyle that has unlimited styling potential. It’s a cushy hairdo… dress it up with beading or clips to own your individuality.
  14. Twist micro braids, unlike traditional micros, take the look to a step above the original concept. It’s softer and adds a maiden-like touch that goes from football mom to date mom.
  15. Yes, I know that dreadlocks aren’t exactly braids, however, these locks couldn’t go unmentioned. The salt and pepper hair color only brings wisdom and ancestry pride to the dome.
  16. Words are hard to come by when attempting to describe this totally jaw dropping ponytail. With just the right blend and arrangement of the french braids and ties, this up-do is absolutely sensational.
  17. Local braid shops are selling the Box braid hairstyles like nothing. This braid hairstyle requires an extended visit to the salon. All the same, trips are not often.


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