Top Evening Braided Hairstyles

Evening Braided Hairstyles

Top 14 Evening Braided Hairstyles

1. Pulling together a hairstyle for a spontaneous evening out? You can never go wrong with the braided bun. Some styles never go out of season and this is one of them. These stars pulls the hair upward and wraps their braids around the crown to achieve a full bun. This style is incredibly fast and simple to do, plus it looks fabulous.

2. Both looks go from straight to braided hair. You can add luxurious accents to make this do stunning, nonetheless, it’s beautiful the way it is.

3. Ponytails are not exclusively for little girls. There’s something about this spectacular whip and it’s versatile qualities that makes the tail appropriate for a majestic evening.

4. This celebrity is able to spun a fishtail hairdo with a soft twist suitable to wear with formal attire. The braid tends to hang better with a rich head of hair.

5. This flawless, chunky fish tail is wound to perfection and appropriately receives plenty of classic stares.

6. Not everyone can wear Bantu knots, however, this model shows us how to wear this ethnic hairstyle proudly. Realistically, it’s a 2 for 1 hairdo. When the knots come down, the hair is full of bouncy waves.

7. Bold and gorgeous! These Havana twists are sure to receive plenty of praise so carry lots of cards for your stylist. People will talk about you. Oh yeah, they’ll be green with envy.

8. This lady wins the award for a luxurious interpretation of the Mohawk. It’s a first-class representation of the twist and braid. It’s captivating to say the least.

9. This Mohawk is truly inspiring! The voluminous lashes on the model helps to create an image that is untamed, fierce and daring. You can top the look with authentic pieces of jewelry only if you want too. This style is engaging alone.

10. Cassie is hot with this variation of the esteemed Mohawk. The hair is braided in the front, finished with a French braid and a loose mane on the end. Bewitching is the word to describe this vision.

11. There is no rule stating that all of your hair should be braided. Alicia Keys is famous for her ability to rock plenty of braided hairstyles. Braid the top and leave the back loose to bring emphasis the shoulders and neck. It’s relatively simple to implement a faux pony tails as a long term or temporary do.

12. Tree braids give the wearer freedom to part the hair, wear it up, wear it down or throw it to the side. It’s a fitting hairstyle for this model. The natural hair and extensions are braided individually or to the scalp while the remainder of the wavy strands are left to run free.

13. Indecisive? Well, you can have it both ways with this style. The half braid, half curl and multi color decision is a killer, especially for short hair.

14. Provocative twisted rope braids bring new dimension to style and individuality. They are exceedingly popular and a piece of cake to manage. The transition from casual to dressy is instantaneous with the right make-up and accessories.

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