Trendiest Black Braided Hairstyles

Braided Hairstyles

 Braided Hairstyles for Black Woman

The black woman turns heads with the sleek and innovative styles they are wearing nowadays. For those who wear natural hair, braiding is one way to highlight ethnicity. For centuries, women have been braiding hair for little girls and for the men in their lives. There are numerous ways in which to braid hair as you can tell from the latest hairstyle shows. They are unreal!

Natural hair has never gone out of style, nevertheless, it certainly has taken an upward trend in 2015. The upkeep is uncomplicated… braid it and forget it. Weeks could go by and the hairstyle is still fresh – ready for any social occasion. In addition to the natural hair, extensions, beading and other decorative hair pieces, along with color and design, spotlight the locks and give it that something extra. The traditional cornrow is braided close to the root of the hair, however, given a few twists and turns, it makes for an interesting pattern. Finding the one that is right for you can be rejuvenating.

Pulling micro braids into a ponytail or into an up-do is attractive. When you consider the fishtail, micro braid, twist, tree braid, french braid or the block braid, you cannot go wrong with either for play, work or for an evening out. People with short hair, long hair, thin or thick hair can wear braids. You can use straight, wavy or curly hair extensions and mix and match contrasting hair colors. Consequently, the extensions add fullness to the hair and gives it plenty of volume when you demand a dramatic entrance. That’s another advantage of braided hairstyle. Nevertheless, your real hair need not be forgotten. You must take down your extensions to clean your own locks and give it a heavy conditioning so that your own hair has a chance to unwind and grow. Schedule this right at 6-8 weeks. Don’t go longer than 12 weeks though.

Fresh Braided Hairstyles

If this is your first time experimenting with braids, or if you are an avid braid baby and are looking for something fresh and exciting, you may want to take a look at some of the styles here just to get some ideas. You may find several creative options that pleases you.

1. Up-dos are stylish and classy even in the corporate world. The braided hair is pulled into a bun so that it creates a seductive presence.

 faux locks updo

2. Recreating a style that is modern, yet resembling the African heritage can be tricky, however, this hairstyle captures both. This is an awe-inspiring and artful blend of twist and faux locks that is unbelievably sophisticated and smart.

faux locks hair

3. Braids are versatile in that you can wrap them around during the summer days and let your hair down for the evening. Embellish the style with scarfs and pins to match your mood and personality.

Braided Halo with Ribbons

4. Buns don’t always have to be incorporated in an up-do. Buns worn down low are stylish as well. It changes the appearance entirely as it reflects a woman in charge of her business.

low braided bun

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