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Long Curly Hairstyles

Long Curly Hairstyles for Black Woman

Long Length Curly Hairstyles

Dreadlocks for life. Rapunzel had to have had dreadlocks to use it as a rope to escape. Long dreadlocks look like ropes of hair and they are capable of many manageable styles. Cascading curls are the result of Bantu Knots. What’s unique about dreadlocks is that no two are alike. There’s a story behind each and every lock of hair.

Long layered hairstyles. Red is not for everybody. When it comes to volume, it’s plain to see why it became Chaka’s trademark. Her hairstyle is bold, rich and exciting. The blood red hair color screams passion, power and mystic, however, the black undertones are totally Gothic.

Jumbo curls and black hairstyles. This magnificent head of locks deserves a standing ovation. It’s uncomplicated, yet sophisticated – for business or formal wear – it’s right for the occasion. Styling this length of hair may require a little something extra in order to hold the style. While the hair is still damp, apply setting lotion and style hair as normal. This should give the hair more ump and create a firm hold.

Bigger is better… when it comes to Afros. This models’ chocolate covered afro is exceedingly puffy and long. The bigger-than-life hairdo makes the model appear taller and complements her tiny frame. Be sure to use a leave in conditioner and moisturizer to prevent frizz while maintaining this hairstyle.

Color defines the Bun. Long hair, hair coloring and bold coils are three things that make this beehive exceptionally attractive. The idea to leave a few pieces of the coils dangling on one side is impressive. Long curly black hairstyles tend to be more distinct if the tresses are tinted.

Long and lavish layered hairstyles. Stylists have the ability to transform their clients. There’s a trick to all of the madness behind black hairstyles and The Top Model knows them all. She is utterly stunning as a blonde chic. Creative cutting skills allow Tyra to stay cool and maintain the style all night long. One amazing thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t involve a lot of heat to attain those lively curls.

Cute curly long hairstyles. Janet’s jamming this hairstyle along with her cocoa and caramel hair color. The rich fall colors blend together like mermaids and fishtails. These colors are radiant and without a doubt, look absolutely fabulous on Ms. Jackson. Notice how her bangs hang right above the left eye.

Loose bouncy, sensuous curly black hairstyles. Simple yet seductive. The straight hair converts to a more shapely hairstyle with more body. Yes, less is more in this case. This model could easily be on the cover for the Top 25 Black Curly Hairstyles.

Voluminous black curly hairstyles. Annie would be jealous of this captivating head of curly locks. This hairstyle can go from curly to straight or a deep wave pattern with the flat iron. One thing’s for sure, out of the 25 Curly Hairstyles for Black Women, this one will help keep the body warm in the winter time.

Medium curly hair

Medium Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Medium Length Hairstyles

Straw coils or finger coils are so worth the effort.  This cute curly hairstyle is done with a rod or roller.  Finger coils tend to last for a few weeks or more with care.  They can take a lot of stress before having to schedule another appointment.  Among the 25 Hairstyles for Black Women, this technique ranks as one of the best selling patterns today.

Black kinky and curly hairstyles.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s a woman’s world and in the world of black hairstyles for women, hair coloring makes all the difference to natural curls.  This copper and blonde color combination complements the model’s facial features and skin complexion.

The Afro returns.  The return of the bell bottoms wouldn’t be complete without the Afro. The Afro is worn mainly in it’s natural kinky state, however, to achieve this look, part the hair into sections and simply leave the corkscrews or twists in longer than usual.  Longer lasting coils are the end result.

Twist out medium length curls .  Some black hairstyles are capable of starting movements.  This lovely brown frame is stunting a bed of kinky hair.  Based on the pattern that is to be preserved,  special care need be given to textured black curly hairstyles.

Even layers of thick natural looking hair.  Jada’s looking radiant as always.  She kept her layers long to turn up the hairstyle’s bulky quality.  To imitate hair that look like hers, simply take down the worn plaits or braids, add a protector and go on with the business at hand.

Medium Even Length Curly Hairstyle.  Throw those perms away.  Natural hair and tightly rolled curls make an outstanding cover  for this dolls face.  This cute curly hairstyle is just perfect for any event.  Her full set of lips and thick brows only bring out the true beauty of the Black woman.

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles for Black Women.  Concerned about having fine hair? Hair weaving could be a temporary solution to thinning hair.  The curls are whipped beautifully into shape, giving the coif plenty of magnitude. Her edges are neatly laid to the scalp using a edge control gel.

One Messy Up-do.  Messy hairstyles have the potential to be sensational.  This hairstyle was made for the tanned black beauty above.  The model has a thick head of hair that was set using extra large rollers and pinned parallel to the cheek bones.

There’s levels to attaining thick curly tresses.  Kelly Rowland truly owns the tightest set of curls around.  Before buying a product for frizz control, ask the hair experts for the name of a reputable brand of maintenance crème.  Massage the crème all over the hair including the scalp.

Medium length spring curls.  Tyra Banks has numerous of fierce curly black hairstyles and this one has quite a bit of bounce.   Frizzy hair can sometimes look dull and dried out. Eliminate the frizzes by applying a leading smoothing crème, mousse or hair gel.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Top Ideas for Short Curly Hairstyles

Many curly hairstyles for black women have a tendency to be manageable.  Mostly, women want to look like a million dollars when they step out of the house.  They copy celebrity hairstyles and make them their own.  However, finding the one… the right one can take some experimenting.  Take pictures, bring a book or bookmark the online page of styles.  The stylist will take in consideration the shape of the face, facial features and hair texture.  These factors all have an impact on how the style will look on the wearer.  More importantly, having a hairstyle that holds throughout the week or longer, takes away a certain amount of stress.  The hairstyle should be doable for the workplace, play and social occasions.   Whether the hair is permed or natural, short or long, curly hair prevails as a dominant hairstyle.   Humans are not perfect creatures, however, that doesn’t mean the hair can’t be.  Here are 25 curly hairstyles for Black women that are popular and pleasing to the eyes.

The short curly Mohawk. This green-eyed beauty sports a brownish blonde Mohawk that is curled loosely in the front and cut close on the sides for a playful and youthful appearance. Wrap it up at night. It will be perky and fresh just like you in the morning.

Mohawks are the top choices for black short haircuts. Whether the hair is shaved on the sides or tapered, people tend to notice this hairstyle. There’s plenty of emphasis on the top of the crown and on the sideburns. The edges of the hair are brushed so that it smooths and frames the face.

It’s a cute, short hairstyle for black women. This variation of the natural hair coil out is classy. After the rods, knots or twists come down, this is what the hair could look like.

Short hairstyles for Black women with thick hair. Sassy and short hairstyles can be found in lots of variations. Keeping it real, folks… some hairstyles for black women tend to look natural on a light skinned Black woman. These locks appear to be extremely soft and touchable. Plus it’s extra cute with bangs.

Nobody can forget these impressive Finger Coils. This curly hairstyle is best for starting dreadlocks and Lauren had some boss locks. This hairstyle is best achieved if the hair is short, however, any length of hair can pull it off. First, wash and condition the hair, section portions of the hair into tiny squares while still damp, and lastly, pull and twist until hair begins to coil. This hairstyle is extremely low maintenance. Protect the hair at night and spray some moisturizer on it by day and be gone!

Paper curls show off short cuts. This is one adorable short curly black hairstyle worth waiting for. This hairstyle works best with short, thick hair. Although this design will go over respectably anywhere, this design says, “Take me to church.”