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Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Top Ideas for Short Curly Hairstyles

Many curly hairstyles for black women have a tendency to be manageable.  Mostly, women want to look like a million dollars when they step out of the house.  They copy celebrity hairstyles and make them their own.  However, finding the one… the right one can take some experimenting.  Take pictures, bring a book or bookmark the online page of styles.  The stylist will take in consideration the shape of the face, facial features and hair texture.  These factors all have an impact on how the style will look on the wearer.  More importantly, having a hairstyle that holds throughout the week or longer, takes away a certain amount of stress.  The hairstyle should be doable for the workplace, play and social occasions.   Whether the hair is permed or natural, short or long, curly hair prevails as a dominant hairstyle.   Humans are not perfect creatures, however, that doesn’t mean the hair can’t be.  Here are 25 curly hairstyles for Black women that are popular and pleasing to the eyes.

The short curly Mohawk. This green-eyed beauty sports a brownish blonde Mohawk that is curled loosely in the front and cut close on the sides for a playful and youthful appearance. Wrap it up at night. It will be perky and fresh just like you in the morning.

Mohawks are the top choices for black short haircuts. Whether the hair is shaved on the sides or tapered, people tend to notice this hairstyle. There’s plenty of emphasis on the top of the crown and on the sideburns. The edges of the hair are brushed so that it smooths and frames the face.

It’s a cute, short hairstyle for black women. This variation of the natural hair coil out is classy. After the rods, knots or twists come down, this is what the hair could look like.

Short hairstyles for Black women with thick hair. Sassy and short hairstyles can be found in lots of variations. Keeping it real, folks… some hairstyles for black women tend to look natural on a light skinned Black woman. These locks appear to be extremely soft and touchable. Plus it’s extra cute with bangs.

Nobody can forget these impressive Finger Coils. This curly hairstyle is best for starting dreadlocks and Lauren had some boss locks. This hairstyle is best achieved if the hair is short, however, any length of hair can pull it off. First, wash and condition the hair, section portions of the hair into tiny squares while still damp, and lastly, pull and twist until hair begins to coil. This hairstyle is extremely low maintenance. Protect the hair at night and spray some moisturizer on it by day and be gone!

Paper curls show off short cuts. This is one adorable short curly black hairstyle worth waiting for. This hairstyle works best with short, thick hair. Although this design will go over respectably anywhere, this design says, “Take me to church.”