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Natural and Kinky Wedding Hairstyles

Chic Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

The Afro is suppose to be nappy. Hair that is crinkly or kinky is in its natural state for most Black women. Natural hair means there are no chemicals involved to straighten or relax the hair. Typically, the afro resembles a round pompom ranging in size from extremely short to exceedingly large.

Kinky coil out. The Black woman who wears natural hair with a touch of grey, owns her individuality and her ethnic role. For the wedding day, this particular kinky style has been twisted and pulled to fit the personality and the occasion.

Incredible Natural Curly Hairstyles. Adding a sunflower to naturally curly hair is next to enchanting when attending a spring or summer wedding. The highlights are what set the tone for the Black woman and her hairdo.

Kinky, twisted up-dos. The featured style definitely has romance and sex appeal written all over it. This hairstyle for Black women has taken a kinky turn on the classic up-do. Adding the veil is one simple way to turn an ordinary hairdo into something that is sassy and contemporary for the wedding day.

All Natural Black Wedding Hairstyles. Bushy, nappy hair that is swept away from the face can have a charming affect on the lovely bride to be and her bridesmaids. The hair is extra thick and by giving it a few twists or coils, the coif is given that extra boost it needs to become a hairstyle that is individual and personal.

Short cute and curly. Wedding hairstyles for Black women are numerous. Choosing a style that is right for you can be taxing, however, exciting. This natural look can be achieved by using Bantu knots, rods, or straws.

Short curly hairstyles for Black women. This curly head of locks has lots of shine. Plenty of Black women hope to achieve the look of naturally curly hair by using the corkscrew or coil out method of styling. Usually, the hair is shapely and full.

Long Curly hairstyles for Black Women. Some times adding accessories to long curly hair is all that is needed. Creating that special look can be as easy as adding a headband, grandma’s earrings and the right amount of make-up.

Up-do hairstyles for long hair and crochet braids. To see a curly up-do is, nonetheless, classic in a Black wedding. Virgin, curly hair has its advantages. It doesn’t take much at all to upstage the mediocre hair-do. The up-do is quick and painless, yet is welcomed anywhere.

Old style romantic short curly hair. There’s something about the 1920’s that people always return to when it comes to capturing romance. This wedding day haircut exemplifies the meaning of romanticism. The success of this style for Black women is up to the professional stylist.

Bonus – Hair Accessories

The hair accessory. Bridal hairstyles are usually topped with some form of accessory. They add a certain flair and elegance to any black hairstyle.

A sensational and unique headdress. It doesn’t matter if the hair is long or short, curly or kinky, hair accessories are a major component. The wedding dress is not complete without it.

Wedding Dreadlocks and Braided Hairstyles

Dreadlocks and Braided Hairstyles

Large sweeping curls tops this Mohawk. It’s not a surprise that this is one of the most popular hairstyles for women. By brushing the sides of this Mohawk styled hairdo, the face can share the spotlight. With the bangs hanging down front, it brings a sexy, flattering addition to this otherwise straight hairstyle.

Taking the Mohawk to another level. Not everyone wants a traditional wedding. The Mohawk dares to walk down the isle, but does so with the satisfaction of being unparalleled and fashionable. The three dimensional colors and large curls gives it a modern day twist. It is sure to be the talk of the wedding day, plus it should add spice to the honeymoon. Whoever said blondes have more fun, has not seen this wedding day hairstyle for Black women.

Medium length hairstyle for the Black woman. Color tinted hair has a way of changing the entire look of the hairstyle. On the wedding day, the hair can make the day or certainly, ruin the day. This look is effortless with a roller set and a few pins.

Black women hairstyles. Straight hair can be converted into up-dos, ponytails, french braids or fishtails. Wearing the hair up for the wedding day provides the bride with the ability to literally let her hair down later on.

Advantages to straight hair. Virgin hair that is straight means that it should have more of a natural shine to it. This hairstyle shows how easy it is to pull of a twisted bun.

Wrap Braids. Simplicity at its best. This wedding hairstyle for Black women is manageable by those with short hair, long hair, natural or relaxed hair. This style can also be worn by all of the bridesmaids participating in the wedding.

Short haircuts for black women. Great hair cuts depend on the stylist’s techniques. This hairstyle is chopped to provide a low maintenance, but impressive statement. The hair is brushed to wrap itself around the dome and the braid only adds individuality to the style.

Bold and dramatic braids. This hairstyle for the Black woman has an ethnic flavor. The braided up-do is a great idea for black women hairstyles. After the special day, the style is appropriate for work and for casual wear, while still maintaining it’s crowning features.

Flowers and dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are permanent, free hairstyles, however, they only look great on few Black women. Therefore, be sure before the commitment is made. Ensure the locks reflect the style and individuality of the wearer. After the locks grow long and sturdy, the result is a versatile hairstyle that is mainly considered by Black women. However, other races of people have been known to wear this black hairstyle well.

Streaming dreadlocks perfect for the island wedding. While it’s true, dreadlocks are primarily a Black hairstyle, they don’t require maintenance like other hairstyles. Still, the look needs care and attention, especially if the crinkle look is a favorite. The textured locks will need washing and conditioning for strength and longevity. Visits to the stylist are not as often as if a straight hairstyle was worn. Dreadlocks offer plenty of styling options.

Straight Wedding Updo

Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

When in search of the perfect wedding hairstyle, here are 28 wedding hairstyles for Black women, plus a couple of bonus awe-inspiring ideas for hair accessories. Now that the man has popped the question, there are many things to do. The Black woman takes pleasure in searching for the perfect dresses for her and her bridesmaids, for jewelry, amazing hairstyles and lasting, no mess makeup. Weddings tend to be uplifting as well as stressful for everyone concerned, therefore, pick the style early to eliminate that confusion. In fact, take the stylist pictures of natural, kinky hair, twist outs, braids, straight or curly hair. The style may call for full voluminous hair, therefore, adding extensions is a real possibility. If you are looking for a stunning wedding hairstyle or one that is simplistic, look no further. Take a look at these 28 wedding hairstyles for Black women that are sure to complement the bride’s natural beauty and two surprise ideas for styling accents.

Up-dos made for tying the knot. This hairstyle for Black weddings ranks high on the list. Check out the color detail. The various hues in this hairstyle gives the bride everything she needs to start her fairy tale trip down the isle. It’s unique and easy to do.

Up-do hairstyles are favored for weddings. It can be a casual or a dressy hairstyle. This is a straight hairstyle almost anyone can do and doesn’t require a professional’s hand to make it look elegant.

Big Bun Hairstyles for the Big Day. This hairstyle is as superior as the Black woman. When the occasion calls for formal attire and gloves, break out the buns. The straight hairstyle is simple yet, refine.

Exotic straight hairstyles. With just a little love, this hairstyle can be perfect for the modern wedding. It goes from casual to dressy instantaneously.

Casual up-do hairstyles for straight hair. Shampoo, condition and blow dry the hair. Next apply a mousse for hold and brush to style. Adding decorative pins can make this plain hairstyle breathtaking.

The swoop hairstyle is sleek! It’s a cut above. The hair is laid above the ear on one side and long on the other, with a swoop giving this model mystic and style. The natural make-up and long lashes bring out this trendy Black hairstyle. Notice the hair’s shine.

Cute short wedding hairstyle. Typically, short hair doesn’t require much maintenance. Regular cleansing and conditioning, along with a little bump with the hot iron for styling, will keep this Black hairstyle funky and fresh.

Medium length fishtail fitting for weddings. There are certain styles which are best for medium length and long hair. The fishtail is a fast way to to obtain a dainty wedding hairstyle everyone in the wedding party can wear. Top it off with bridal hair accessories and this romantic look is complete.